Adopt a Clinic

What is Adopt a Clinic?

The Seventh Day Adventist Church operates 56 rural health facilities (clinics) across the South Pacific. Most of these clinics are located in isolated rural locations where 90 percent of the people live. Many of them are so dilapidated, do not have access to running water or any form of power or lighting. Water had to be brought in from a distance to help with medical procedures such as deliveries and minor surgical procedures. Procedures done at night are carried out under inadequate lighting usually from a torch or a hurricane lantern.

The “Adopt a clinic” concept was developed by the Adventist Health department as an effort in assisting these clinics address their needs.

There are 4 main areas of need identified:

  1. Repair and maintenance – clinic building(s)
  2. Repair and maintenance – Staff house(s)
  3. Transport system
  4. Medical equipment

Adopt A Clinic Volunteers:

The Adopt a clinic volunteers are an important part of our team in the Adventist Health Department, SPD.

There are several categories of Volunteers we work with:

  1. There is the Warehouse team who source medical items and clothing etc and pack them for transport overseas. They meet every Wednesdays at the SPD Warehouse. They play a significant role with the Adopt a clinic program.
  2. Volunteers from Local Churches across Australia who are involved with the Adopt a clinic by being part of the many Fly & Build teams that do repair and maintenance work on clinic buildings and build new clinics across the South Pacific.
  3. Every now and then we would send reconnaissance teams to assess projects and to bring back reports.

Several people have volunteered to this work on our behalf over the years and we are so grateful for them.

We sincerely thank the volunteers for the wonderful work they do. We would not have come this far without them.

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