Get Involved

Adventist Health aims to bring health, healing and hope to our members, patients and communities across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. We believe that God is deeply interested in the health and wellness of His creation, and that He wants us, as His people, to alleviate suffering, to bring God’s abundant life to our communities and to demonstrate His love. God wants to work with us in blessing others.

“Christ would show that humanity is to co-operate with divinity. What human power can do divine power is not summoned to do. God does not dispense with man’s aid. He strengthens him, co-operating with him as he uses the powers and capabilities given him.” (DA535.3)

There are a number of ways that you can make a difference in your home, church and community. What will you do? Get the message out, join a program with your friends or train to run one yourself in your community! Be part of the whole-person health movement and get involved!