Sydney Adventist Hospital
In Australia, the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH), known as ‘the San’, is an acute-care private hospital with capacity for over 550 licensed overnight beds. It is the largest private and the largest not-for-profit hospital in NSW. For more information

Atoifi Hospital
In the Solomon Islands, the church operates one Mission hospital called Atoifi Hospital. It is a 90 bed hospital with a doctor surgeon looking after it. There is a big need for a second doctor at Atoifi hospital. We hope that more hospitals can be added to our list in the near future.

Health Clinics
The Seventh Day Adventist Church operates 56 rural health facilities (clinics) across the South Pacific. Most of these clinics are located in isolated rural locations where 90 percent of the people live. Many of them are so dilapidated, do not have access to running water or any form of power or lighting. Water had to be brought in from a distance to help with medical procedures such as deliveries and minor surgical procedures. Procedures done at night are carried out under inadequate lighting usually from a torch or a hurricane lantern. To learn how you can help, visit Adopt-A-Clinic


San Hospital Grounds