The Live More Project is a 10-week emotional wellness program that is designed to boost health and happiness. It has been fifteen years in the making, it is fun, experiential, backed up by the latest scientific findings and represents a new era of industry-leading health resources from Adventist Health.

Additionally, the Live More Project is part of an ongoing Lifestyle Research Project that utilises the 7 Dimensions of Wellness Index to gain an understanding of the personal benefits gained from engaging with the program. This means that not only can participants scientifically validate their health journey through the program but by simply participating, they are assisting to further develop scientific knowledge in Lifestyle Medicine.

The Live More Project is currently in ‘Pilot Phase’ and will be publicly released in the 3rd quarter of 2018 where it will be available in either an online version or as a local event run by an accredited facilitator. Discover how to become a host.

If you wish to participate in either a digital or event-based Live More Project pilot event, please contact the Comprehensive Health team.

If you are interested in learning more about Lifestyle Medicine and /or health initiatives like the Live More Project then you should attend the Lifestyle Medicine Summit 2018 this coming September which will include International Speakers, Inspiring Workshops, The Latest Lifestyle Research and New Resources.

Reflections from participants of the Live More Project:

“Recently my husband and I completed the Live More Project in a pilot group, and I have to say, I must be the newest and greatest fan! I’ve been telling everyone I encounter all about it, and as a result, I’ve got quite a list of friends who are keen to sign up as soon as it becomes available to the public. The content was relevant, research-based yet simple to understand, extremely helpful, and it was presented in a dynamic manner by a great presenter with splashes of good humour throughout. The programme consists of 10 weekly sessions, each with a half hour video, and then a daily and a weekly challenge alongside to put the learning into practice. Doable and transformative”. – SUNDEIA
Sundeia from the community was invited by Pastor Hugh Heenan – Hastings Church NZ to do the Live More Project


Pr Steve Magiatis reflects on how the Live More Project has assisted his leadership role.