Steps to becoming a Live More Project Event Host:

1 – Personally engage with and complete the Live More Project Course
The first learning phase to becoming a Live More Project event host is to actively engage in the course. There is no better way to learn the content, engagement philosophy and benefits then your own course experience. If you have not currently signed up to participate, then contact the Comprehensive Health team to see if there are spots available in the current round of Pilot Study events.

2 – Fill out an expression of interest form
If you love the Live More Project experience and want to share it with others by becoming a host, then fill out the LMP Host EOI form and the Comprehensive Health team will contact you to discuss next steps (Steps 3-5).

3 – Complete the Live More Project Event Host (LMP-EH) accreditation training
The training is facilitated by a short online course which is available to participate in at your own time and schedule. The topics include:
– Presenting health materials through public events
– Using emotional intelligence to enhance learning
– Behavioural change methodology for wellness improvement
– The science behind the Live More Project
– Live More Project topic engagement pathways
– Resource and Technology training for event facilitation
– Live More Project marketing and communications

4 – Agree to the LMP-EF Terms & Conditions of Use
The use of the Live More Project Resources are only allowed through accreditation, agreement, and adherence to the Terms and Conditions of Use. Once an individual is accredited, and they have signed an agreement to the Terms and Conditions of Use, then they are free to schedule, promote and run Live More Project Events.

5 – Renew accreditation when required
As lifestyle medicine knowledge increases, the content of the Live More Project will be updated, and therefore periodically, accredited Live More Project Event Hosts will need to renew their accreditation with a simple single topic upgrade module, facilitated online, to remain accredited.