We aim to help people discover and enjoy optimal wellness. The Adventist Church has a long history of being interested in health and in promoting wellness. We see health as being a God given gift and that we are stewards or managers of the health of our bodies and minds. We are to maximise our health by doing what would diminish disease risk promote high level wellness. In the early days of our organisation we described this health emphasis as ‘medical missionary work’. Over the years, terminology has changed, but our Church’s emphasis on health for our church members and the sharing of health insights to our communities remains strong.

Today we are calling this work ‘Comprehensive Health Ministry’. It is comprehensive in that it is not just the doctors and allied health professionals role to share health concepts. We see a real power when minsters and health professionals work together to share the importance of wholistic health. Wholistic health covers all aspects of health, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This ministry is comprehensive in that all departments and aspects of church life can take an interest in health. We want to see our schools promoting health. We want to see our Adventist hospitals and clinics as centres of influence for health and the mission of our church.

Our dream for comprehensive health ministry is that:

  1. Every Church member will understand health principles and the relationship between the spiritual and physical dimensions of life.
  2. Every Adventist church will be a health promoting voice in their communities.
  3. All of our major institutions will be promoting health in a co-ordinated and comprehensive way.

To learn more about our comprehensive health ministry and how you can get involved contact us.